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WONDR Drops NASCAR Roots Inspired Music Video: "Earnhardt"

RALEIGH, N.C., Oct. 28, 2022 /Wake County Speedway/ —

Up & coming Pop/Hip-Hop musician WONDR released his new music video titled, "Earnhardt" that uses live footage shot on location September 9th at Wake County Speedway. The live performance was part of the NASCAR sanctioned track's "Rock the Ring" pre-race mini-concert series.

As WONDR stated in the release of his new song and video, "One of the first goals I wrote down 6 years ago, when I started my artist career, was to open for a NASCAR race... On Sep. 9th, 2022, I made that dream come true and filmed it so I could share the moment with you."

Not only does the video capture an amazing live performance by a very talented musician who has a passion for NASCAR, it also highlights the enthusiastic reaction from fans at the speedway who witnessed the performance live.

In an interesting side note to the video, WONDR's film crew was also able to capture footage (seen throughout the music video) of eventual NASCAR Advance Auto Parts Weekly Series Division 1 National Champion Layne Riggs (99), win for the first time at America's Favorite Bullring. The win by Riggs on September 9th as well as the points he earned in his previous seven races at Wake County in 2022, helped earn him his National and Southeast Regional Championships.

Watch "Earnhardt", the music video, here.

You may purchase the song "Earnhardt" by WONDR, as a downloadable mp3, here.

WONDR performs his song "Earnhardt" while fans raise their hands in a "3" salute.

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