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Bomber/Any Car Rules

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General Car Rules:

1) Any car. (No T-tops or convertibles). Two-door or four-door allowed. NO SUVs! 4 or 6-cylinder engines are allowed. Fabricated roofs will be allowed to cover T-tops/convertibles at the discretion of the tech man. Safety is the #1 priority.

2) Cars must be strictly stock with NO modifications. This includes all engine components, drive train, suspension, ignition system or cooling system, exhaust system, and axles.

3) No chopping, channeling, bracing, or shortening of frame allowed (door plates may be used for safety only). No exceptions. The full steel body must remain original and intact at all times. No rub rails or sharp edges on the outside of the body.

4) Passenger tires only. Wheels and tires must be of like size on all four corners. The right front wheel MUST be reinforced to prevent its loss during the race. Plating washers and/or oversized nuts must be used. Tire size: any size original stock rim is acceptable.  No altering tires in any way. No mud or snow tires (i.e. those designed specifically for mud or snow. Regular road tires that say “M&S” are acceptable). No bias-ply tired allowed. No pipes or protectors welded over the tire valve stem.

5) No turbos allowed. One stock carburetor (2 or 4 barrels) or fuel injection only.

6) Batteries must be located in their original position under the hood and securely fastened.

7) Hoods and deck lids must have original hinges or pins/chains keeping them in place or they must be removed.

8) The stock steel floor pan, firewalls, trunk floor, and wheel wells must be retained.

9) All cars must have a windshield or, if the windshield is removed, the car must have bracing over the windshield area covered with

mesh. All other glass and trim must be removed including headlights, taillights, and all mirror assemblies. No broken glass is allowed in the car. Lexan windshields are permitted.

10) Must have a steering wheel, steering column, and pedals in the stock position (removable steering wheels are acceptable).

11) Car’s interior must be completely gutted except the dash and front seat. Dash can be removed also if you wish.

12) Stock seat is allowed but a racing seat is recommended.

13) No passengers allowed.

14) Driver's door must be welded, chained, or bolted shut. If the driver’s door comes open, the car will be disqualified.

15) Bumpers must be chained or reinforced to the frame to keep them from dropping onto the track.

16) D.O.T Legal Tires - Minimum 300 Treadwear or Higher – No Racing Tires, nothing higher than H-speed rated (no V, W, Z rated tires allowed).

17) No 10" wheels.


1) Firesuit, gloves, and a neck collar are highly recommended. If not wearing a fire suit, cotton long-sleeved protection is required. No nylon clothing or nylon shoes are allowed.

2) Helmet required.

3) Racing type seat belt and harness recommended. Minimum of stock seat belt required.

4) Roll cage inside cockpit recommended.  Extra Door Bracing for safety is permitted.

5) Extra bracing may be installed as a safety feature only and may not reinforce the body or frame or alter the geometry of the car. Rollbar installation is subject to inspection and will be closely scrutinized.

6) Gas tanks located above or in front of the rear axle do not have to be relocated. All others must be replaced with a fuel cell (maximum 12 gallons) or boat tank (maximum of 6.6 gallons). The fuel cell/boat tank must be secured and located in the front of the trunk. The fuel line must exit from the top or side of the cell/boat tank. A complete firewall must seal the trunk area from the driver’s compartment if the fuel tank is placed in the trunk. No gas line in driver’s compartment.

Claim Rule:

1) The track can purchase the winning car for $2,000.00 after the event, less fuel cell (if used), fire extinguisher, racing seat, and harness system. If the winning driver refuses the claim, he/she loses all prize money and second place will be declared the winner under the same conditions.

2) If the car owner does not agree to the sale of the car, the car will be banned indefinitely from Wake County Speedway.


1) Mascots, decorating cars, advertising nicknames, cartoons, etc. are encouraged. Mascots and decorations must be secured to not fall off on track while racing.

2) No suggestive language, symbols, or numbers allowed on the car. Anything on the car in bad taste will mean disqualification.

3) Your car number should be painted on both sides of the car in contrasting colors at least 18 inches high and 5 inches wide. It must be legible and fill the entire door space. If you don’t have a legible number you won’t be scored.

4) Every competitor is required to run a transponder on their car. Transponders are available for rent from the track at each event. You may also bring your own if it works with our system at no cost to you.

DISCLAIMER: A weight penalty may be assessed by the tech man at his discretion to ensure fair competition.


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