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Stop by Mike's Speed Shop on race nights at Wake County Speedway to find an assortment of racing collectibles and souvenirs for all ages.


Mike's friend, Jerry, is continuing the race night tradition of always being ready to help you find the perfect speedway gift to take home after you've had a memorable night at America's Favorite Bullring!

There is a 3.5% surcharge on ALL credit card purchases at the track.*
MIKE'S SPEED SHOP at Wake County Speedway

Here's just a sample of what you can find at Mike's Speed Shop, located near the main gate, beneath the Glenn Simpkins Grandstand.

MIKE'S SPEED SHOP 2024 Souvenirs.png

Jerry is a great ambassador of Wake County Speedway and is always ready to serve you with a smile on race nights, just like Mike Ray did for many years!

Got a question about merch at Mike's Speed Shop?

Just ask Jerry!

Shop our special collection of retro-inspired merch in the online store, anytime.
Ext- Wake County Speedway Online Shop (2400 × 600 px).png
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